0 – 3 Months
This is such a precious age no matter your first child or your 10th. Every parent goes home from the hospital these days with portraits of their babies. One of two things: you can never have enough pictures at this age as your baby changes so rapidly  and in the hospital you are assured to get the posses that you really want.

At this age, your baby sleeps a lot and is up very little. And when he/she is up generally they are eating, getting changed and pretty much getting ready to go back to sleep. Their are beautiful pictures to be taken of babies at this age who are sleeping.

Flash really bothers infants so I don’t use a flash. We use warm lights.

If the baby is fussy, we will wait until the baby is calm. If we need to reschedule, then that is what we will do. No sense in upsetting the child. After all, you want a keepsake that is a beautiful memory. Not something that is monstrous.

Normal sitting time is 45 minutes $75.00
However, with this age I am a little bit more flexible as you can see.

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