Child Photography

Infants – Graduation

Every stage of development from infancy to the time your child graduates is so remarkably different. And you will see from the videos and candid pictures that you take yourself the changes just in a few months time. Less when they are babies. There are also remarkable changes in ourselves as families and the way we look as well. So I also like to at least try to take at least one family portrait if possible.

0-3 Months
This is such a precious age no matter your first child or your 10th. Every parent goes home from the hospital these days with portraits of their babies. One of two things: you can never have enough pictures at this age as your baby changes so rapidly  and in the hospital you are assured to get the posses that you really want…more

4-6 Months

7-9 Months

10 Month – Ever Special One Year Old

1 1/2 Years

2 Years

3 Years – 15 Years

Sweet 16

Graduation Portraits

Prom Portratis

Sporting Event Portraits

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